Baba Budan

بابا بودان

Thogarihunkal estate is located in Chikkamagalur on the rolling hills of baba budangiri , the birthplace of Indian coffee .
At 1350 MASL , the estate has maintained separate blocks for Arabica and Roubosta , which are then segregated by varietal . Chandragiri selection 795 and micro-lots of selections 5B and 6 are Arabica varieties that are grown on the estate .
The estate uses modern processing facilities to transform the cherries into green coffee. These includes two pulping unites , multiple fermentation tanks , spacious drying yards and raised beds

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    Process: Washed
    Variety: SL795, SLN6, SLN 5B, Chandragiri
    Cupping Score: 84.0
    Weight: 50kg Bag
    Notes: Caramel, Brown Spices, Honey, Body/fullness