La Cabana

لا كابانا

Isauro Baleria Solares Jacobo cultivates unique and flavorful coffees at Finca La Cabaña. This lot is comprised of Pacamara variety cherry. Pacamara is prized for its large beans. Combined with Isauro’s innovative Anaerobic Fully washed processing, this coffee is sweet and flavorful with grape and cocoa. Isauro is a partner in Cooperative Nuevo Sendero, a cooperative that certifies Finca La Cabaña with its Rainforest Alliance certification.
Coffee is cultivated under shade trees. Isauro receives agronomic management advice through his cooperative membership. Thanks to the ideal microclimate around the farm, Isauro is organic- by-default and uses only organic fertilizer to supplement tree health. In addition to coffee, Isauro also cultivates bananas, avocadoes, macadamia nuts and jocote. He also sustains a bee population of over 1.6 million honey bees that pollinate trees and produce honey, pollen and wax
Cherry is selectively hand-picked. Ripeness is checked with Brix content (sugar content) to ensure only ripe cherry is selected and processed.
This lot was processed using Anaerobic Fully washed methods to innovatively add value to the coffee and improve overall cup quality. Once selected, ripe, red cherry is pulped and fermented in hermetically-sealed barrels for 24 hours. The barrel is outfitted with a valve that enables excess oxygen and carbon dioxide to escape while keeping the environment anaerobic for fermentation.
Following fermentation, parchment is removed, washed in clean water and laid on raised beds to dry.

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    Process: Anaerobic
    Variety: yellow pacamara
    Cupping Score: 87.75
    Weight: 69kg Bag
    Notes: Red Grape, Peach, Golden Raisin, Pear