La Labor 83

لا لابور 83

Francisco Quezada Montenegro is the fourth generation of Montenegros to cultivate coffee at La Labor Estate. In more recent years, Francisco has established La Labor Estate as an experimental processing training campus for producers across the world. La Labor hosted its first international Q processing course in 2020 and has continued offering educational courses ever since.
Ripe, red cherry is selectively handpicked and delivered to La Labor Estate’s on-site wet mill. Whole cherry is soaked in water and Oro yeast from Lalcafe is added.
LALCAFÉ OROTM yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) was specially developed for coffee production over a four-year period of research and trials. Trials in various regions and environments showed that Oro is well suited to better control the wet process’ efficiency and to upgrade the cup quality. Oro’s ability to flourish even at low temperatures means it is equally suited for use across most altitudes. The yeast is able to control the fermentation process against the risk of spoilage micro- organisms that can generate undesirable defects. Furthermore, its specific metabolism and its high capacity even at cold temperatures (minimum 15°C inside the coffee tank) allows for the expression of fresh and fruity characteristics of the coffee beans while respecting the flavors of each unique coffee.
The longer fermentation time for yeast processed coffees (washed processed typically ferments for about 12 hours) also allows for more developed flavors. The extra time enables the beans to absorb metabolites, which can enhance flavors. Complexity, acidity, brightness, floral notes and more are all boosted by the lengthened fermentation time.
Following fermentation, cherry is laid on raised beds to dry. Cherry is raked frequently to ensure even drying and infrared thermometers are used to ensure the cherry stays at the ideal temperature for drying.

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    Process: Honey
    Variety: Red Bourbon
    Cupping Score: 87.25
    Weight: 69kg Bag
    Notes: Fruity Jasmine Red Currant Red Grape