Marvin Barrantes Sarchimor

مارفن بارانتيس ساريشيمور

Owner Marvin Barrantes named his farm after his mother, Elisa Alfaro Hidalgo. Doña Elisa was well known in the town for her beautiful blue eyes. The locals of San Luis de Grecia said that only a queen could have such eyes and nicknamed her, “Reina Elizabeth.” Marvin also explains that, in addition to her beautiful blue eyes, Doña Elisa’s kindness also rivaled that of a queen.
Marvin’s farm is 8 hectares. To enable his production of single-variety lots, Marvin has divided his land to cultivate varieties separately. In addition to the H1 variety in this lot, Marvin also cultivates Caturra, Sarchimor, Millenium, Geisha and Villalobos.
Marvin established his milling operating in 2012 with only a small pulper and some raised beds. While honey processing is expensive, Marvin explained that the short distance from his fields to his mill, and his ability to capture the value from the processing stage, makes it possible for him to produce this excellent coffee.
Cherry is selectively handpicked by Marvin and his family and pulped on Marvin’s ecopulpers. They then lay parchment and mucilage on drying beds. Coffee sundries for approximately 20 days.
Once dry, Marvin brings his parchment to Hacienda Sonora, where coffee is stored, dry milled and prepared for export.

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    Process: Honey
    Variety: Sarchimor
    Cupping Score: 85.0
    Weight: 69kg Bag
    Notes: Floral, Clove, Strawberry, Heavy body