Butihinda (COE)

بوتهندا كاس النخبة


BUTIHINDA is one of the 7 wet mills that is located in North- ern east area of Burundi in MUYINGA province. This wet mill was built in 1992 and locat- ed around 1700 m in altitude and with 1500-1800mm rainfall per year such as average rain- fall in the region with a grow- ing reputation of Arabica Coffee. Microclimate of the hills that surrounds the wash- ing station is softened by the high density of rivers that wind the region and the North Lake. BUTIHINDA washing station uses water source from MUK- INGIRO Mountain at 2000m. The wet mill receives coffee cherries from 1391 smallholder producers from MUKINGIRO and BUTIHINDA hill with 557women and 8434 men. Good selection of red ripe cherries from underipes, overipes and foreign matter is performed by farmers before delivering the coffee cherries to the washing station same day as was harvested. At the wash- ing station selected cherries have to be selected again for eliminating the floaters by waterline before pulping. After pulping parchment are fermented for 14 hours and washed in proper water drawn by gravitation and waste water goes through filtration tanks. After the fermentation, pre-drying is proceeded to select imma- ture and broken coffee. Then good parchment goes direct-
ly on the drying tables during 10 days to 14 days but time depends on climatic factors. Sun drying of parchment Parchment is then stored in cleaned and well-ventilated warehouse with humidity of 11-12 before processed in dry milling. Finally, it was stocked in warehouse and it will be removed f rom warehouse of washing station to dry mill- ings. Most of BUTIHINDA coffees have the following cup profile Caramel, Flow- ers’s aroma, clean, good sweetness, and nice acidity such as orange, complex f ruity, syrupy, balanced coffee, good and longer aftertaste.

    This combination does not exist.

    Process: Natural
    Variety: Bourbon
    Cupping Score: 87.75
    Weight: 30kg Bag
    Notes: Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Green Apple, Crème Caramel, Rasberry