Yirgacheffe Premium G3

يرقاتشف G3


Natural Guji uraga located at 2300 masl, the station represents one of the highest altitude coffee productions we have ever come across.
The village of Raro Boda is located in the district of Uraga part of Guji, and collects the cherries of more than 700 farmers of the surrounding.
This lot was prepared according to the natural process: after the manual picking and removal of any over-ripe or unripe, the remaining cherries were dry-fermented on raised beds. They are usually turned frequently throughout the day and covered during the central hours of the day and at night.

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    Process: Natural
    Variety: Heirloom
    Cupping Score: 84.25
    Weight: 60kg Bag
    Notes: Milk Chocolate, Cacao Nibs, Floral, Hazelnut