Marco Antonio De Oliveira

ماركو أنطونيو دي أليفير

Marcos Antonio de Oliveira operates Fazenda Esmeril alongside his wife, Maria Bernardete Jordan Oliveira, in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil. After marrying, the couple received a parcel of land as an inheritance in 1996, which would become their 15 hectare Fazenda Esmeril where they continue on in the family tradition of coffee production. The couple faced challenges early in their careers due to a lack of labor and machinery, but through
their dedication and passion for coffee production they have succeeded in establishing their farm with flourishing crops. Fazenda Esmeril is planted with 12 hectares of Mundo Novo, Topazio, and Catuai varieties, at elevations of 1200–1250 meters in the Chapadão de Ferro community of the Cerrado Mineiro region. Within Cerrado, there are many microregions that present unique characteristics in the cup. The Chapadão de Ferro microregion is a small town with farms situated around the cone of a partially formed volcano. Farms here are at higher elevations above 1100 meters and coffee is harvested a month or two later than in other parts of Cerrado Mineiro This lot of Mundo Novo coffee underwent Natural processing. Mundo Novo is the product of a natural cross between Sumatra and Red Bourbon, discovered in the municipality of Mineiros do Tietê, São Paulo in 1943. Seeds from one of these trees were planted in the municipality of Mundo Novo, now called Urupês, in Sao Paulo state. Various lines of the plant were cultivated here, undergoing selection for positive characteristics. The results of this cultivation were finally distributed to farmers beginning in 1952, with new selections by the IAC (Agronomic Institute of Campinas) beginning in 1977.

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    Process: Natural
    Variety: Red Catuai
    Cupping Score: 84.0
    Weight: 60kg Bag
    Notes: Fruity, Milk Chocolate, Cacao Nibs, Hazelnut, Clove