Miller Bustos El Mirador Anaerobic Natural #02565

ميلر بيستوس إل ميرادور بوربون 02565

Miller Bustos has been producing coffee for over 20 years. He inherited his farm from his mother and is the third generation of his family to produce coffee on their land.
He started cultivating specialty coffee in the early-2010s, when he saw that specialty coffee was garnering higher prices. He hopes that specialty production will help his business remain sustainable overtime. He has focused on improving processing infrastructure and changing his fertilization methods to increase coffee quality. He hopes that people who drink his coffee understand the love and hard work that he and his family put into producing it.
Miller Bustos has 2 daughters who both want to be a part of the coffee business. They plan to attend college and receive technical training in agronomy and other related fields to prepare themselves for careers in coffee.

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    Process: Anaerobic Natural
    Variety: Bourbon
    Cupping Score: 87.75
    Weight: 70kg Bag
    Notes: Brown Spice, Lychee, Tropical Fruit , Clove