Villa Betulia Papayo Anaerobic Natural Lot #02467

لويس أنابيل كالديرون فيلا بيتويلا بابايو 02467

Luis Anibal Calderón lives at Finca Villa Betulia with his wife and 3 sons. He first purchased the land in 2005. He began planting specialty coffee varieties in 2012, when he planted 5,000 Geisha trees on around 5% of his farm.
Ten years later, it was apparent to Luis Anibal that returns from cultivating Geisha were worth the extra effort. He decided to dedicate his entire farm to farm more delicate and rare specialty varieties, such as Geisha and Pink Bourbon.
Today, Villa Betulia is planted with a wide range of specialty varieties including Red, Pink and Yellow Geisha, Tabi, Java, Sidra, Striped Bourbon, Maragogype, Pacamara, Marageisha and several varieties of dwarf Geisha

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    Process: Anaerobic Natural
    Variety: Papayo
    Cupping Score: 87.75
    Weight: 70kg Bag
    Notes: Black Currant, Blueberry, Strawberry, T ea Rose