Arley Calderon Villa Betulia

أرلي كالديرون فيلا بيتوليا

Arley Calderon lives at Finca Villa Betulia with his parents and farms a plot of the land. His father, Luis Anibal Calderón, purchased the farm in 2005. Luis and Arley have a quality lab that allows them to roast and taste specialty coffees. With the lab, they can evaluate coffees and learn what clients like.
In search of a way to remain profitable, they began planting specialty coffee varieties in 2012, when they planted 5,000 Geisha trees on around 5% of his farm.
Ten years later, it was apparent to Arley and Luis Anibal that returns from cultivating Geisha were worth the extra effort. They decided to dedicate the entire farm to farm more delicate and rare specialty varieties, such as Geisha and the Pink Bourbon in this lot. Their dream is to produce 100% exotic varieties like these on their farm and would like drinkers of their coffee to understand the effort and love the family puts into their coffees.
This is a unique Pink Bourbon lot. Pink Bourbon is a hybrid of Yellow and Red Bourbon varieties that was first discovered and grown in Colombia. Taste-wise, Pink Bourbon has all the advantages of its Bourbon parents. The highlights of the typical Pink Bourbon profile are the strong floral notes and pleasant acidity frequently found in East African coffees.
There’s more than color and altitude on its side. Chemical breakdowns have found that Pink Bourbon has higher glucose content than many other varieties. This additional glucose—a type of sugar—means not only a sweeter cup, but also a silkier body and more luscious mouthfeel. Some farmers also report that Pink Bourbon has more disease resistance than its Red and Yellow parents.
In addition to coffee, Luis Anibal and Arley also cultivate plantains, bananas, cassavas and limes.
After selective handpicking, ripe cherry is placed in tanks and fermented anaerobically for 4 days. Then, cherry is pulped using a classic drum pulper and laid to dry on marquesinas, raised beds on the roof of the house. The sweet, sticky layer of mucilage and coffee sundries for 15 to 20 days. Once dry, coffee is stored for 20 to 30 days in a temperature-controlled warehouse in Armenia before being transported to the warehouse in Valle del Café, Armenia.

    This combination does not exist.

    Process: Honey
    Variety: Pink Bourbon
    Cupping Score: 86.75
    Weight: 70kg Bag
    Notes: Black Currant, Black Tea, Dried Dates